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Have you ever experienced the presence a horse?  If you have, do you remember how you felt either energetically or physically?  Do you recall anytime in history when humans did not have some type of connection with the horse?  


Horses have been in the presence of humans for thousands of years in varying capacities.  Their connection with the human race has been both purposeful and powerful.  Incredibly, in the mid 1980s many horsemen throughout the world began experiencing horses in a way that was more of a relationship than ownership.  It appeared that the horses were waiting for humans to evolve into being ready and able to hear their sacred messages.  


Horses are natural healers and have the capacity to communicate with us humans empathically.  They have the ability to change us energetically when in their presence, and always operate from a place of kindness and connection.  Horses do not make comparisons or have anxiety in their lives and always live in the moment.  They have an amazing ability to work with us humans in finding truth and therefore are able to help us live our individual lives with clarity and forward movement. 


When you experience Gestalt Coaching together with the way of the Horse, you will begin your transformation into living your life in truth, authenticity, and a Joyful Heart!

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