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 I understand that integrity is of utmost importance and welcome any questions you may have as you begin your journey!


~ Linda

"I have gotten so many things figured out, and so much done, with Linda's thoughtful and skilled guidance over the last 2 years. There is of course still work to do, but over these regular calls and horse sessions, she and her animal partners have been helping me see more clearly what makes me tick, motivate to action, and wince, too. She's got such a useful quiver of tools and a very open heart: I always look forward to our discussions, especially the ones outdoors and in person."

~ Arah B., Minneapolis, MN

Linda beautifully guided me through a coaching session where I was able to release the grief I was still holding onto for the loss of my horse Royal.  I was also able to pay tribute to him and our time together.  Linda also guided me through honoring and loving acknowledgment for my horse Cody and our continued journey together.

~ Vonie K., Vancouver, WA

Linda always knows the best questions to ask and the right direction to go to help her client achieve Gestalt and closure.  She has such a great positive vibe that is contagious and uplifting for her client.

~Yongkai O., Singapore

Linda , You are a blessing in my journey.  I love your strength, compassion and the ability to show another's self  worth.

~Dianne G., Clarksville, PA

Linda has a creative coaching style that easily and skillfully guides her clients to new awarenesses that empower them to make changes they feel are necessary for a better life.  She has a beautiful way of presenting needed information.  You could not go wrong with Linda's guidance.

Jeanie B., Madison WI

Linda is a strong, big hearted coach.  She holds a safe space for self exploration in a gentle, reassuring way.  I enjoy her confidence, brightness and light that shines through in her support of clients.

Liz L., UK

Linda is a natural coach.  Her demeanor is inviting and trusting.  She creates a safe envelope for her client to work.  She is insightful and intuitive.  Linda is a joy to be with.  Her personality is open, inviting, and creates a natural positive energy and joy.

~Chris C., Carbondale, CO

Linda's direct style of coaching instills confidence and warmth in her clients.  She is able to provide her clients with great insight in a safe nurturing environment which helps her clients gain resolution quickly.

~Carolyn S., Havre, MT

Linda is a beautifully connected soul coach.  Her ability to inspire joy in her clients is profound.  She is authentic and connected to the light.  I highly recommend her if you are ready to transform your life.

~Vivian T., San Diego, CA

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