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Joyful Heart Coaching Is...

Each of us experiences specific events and teachings throughout our lives that have made us unique in every part of our being. With every new experience we learn and evolve -- day to day and year to year. Joyful Heart Coaching will support and guide you in forward movement as you transform your life to one lived with a full Joyful Heart.  


Joy comes from within. One of my passions is to help humans explore who they truly are! Do you know that there are many aspects of WHO you are, and that the more you understand WHO YOU ARE, the more you will understand WHO other individual humans are, too? In learning Who You Are, it is likely that you will discover aspects of your life that have been outside of your awareness. These may be important keys to unlocking hidden issues that without your awareness are driving your daily thoughts and feelings. As you find the keys to unlock your past, you will begin to understand how and why you move through life the way you do. As we begin to explore who you are, you will learn about your individual temperament and what it means for you and others in your life. We will explore your values and how they work and show up for you. Are you acquainted with the different parts of yourself and how they work for you or may be sabotaging you? Have you ever written a full on vision for yourself and do you understand how a vision works to imagine, design, and support your forward movement? 

Another unique aspect in life is that we are often part of a team. A team may be work-related, sport-related, or family-related to name a few. When a team forms, the dynamics are initially set, and then may change for an array of reasons. Cohesiveness is an integral part of a successful team, and when not intact, may reduce the effectiveness of the team. Team building with Horse Partners is a unique and insightful way to bring your team together. Imagine your team learning and bonding through the energy and eyes of a horse!

As a Gestaltist, my coaching practice began in 2017. Just as life unfolds, so has my Joyful Heart Coaching business. We continue to evolve, learn, and explore on a daily basis with both formal and informal teachings so that we are able to guide you into living your life with a JOYFUL HEART. We at Joyful Heart Coaching have the flexibility and knowledge to get YOUR LIFE back on track! We would be honored to fill ALL of your coaching needs!

Mission, Vision and Values



I coach individuals, teams, entrepreneurs, and first responders who seek to understand and accept themselves and all beings, by living in their truth and integrity and act in Joy, Love, and Harmony.



I guide humans to discover the importance of understanding themselves and others in order to create a world of Joy, Love, and Harmony.



I believe in Living Life in Truth and Authenticity.

I believe Commitments are Important and Absolute.

I guide others into living life with a JOYFUL HEART.

I will make the World A Better Place for ALL.

I believe your Personal Work may be Hard but is necessary

to reach a Place of Joy.

I believe that each individual has the right to be who

they are.

I believe in having fun!

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