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The Joyful Heart Team

Meet the Joyful Heart Team!

With our Ever Changing World and LIFE, We at Joyful Heart Coaching will help bring you back to experiencing Life with a Joyful Heart?

Linda Sheplee
Equine Gestaltist &

I've had a passion for horses ever since I can remember, as well as an immense desire to help people transform their lives into one of Joy! Now an adult, I've found a way to marry my passion for horses along with my love of coaching which has been realized through the Touch By A Horse Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®. As I continue my studies, I am currently training in the Gestalt Coaching Method®, which will grant me the ability to enhance my coaching practice in order to bring my clients the best of both worlds. That is working both with and without my equine partners in order to best serve my clients and their needs.

As each of us moves through life, there are significant events that shape us into who we are. At times the effects of any given event may be pushed down and eventually forgotten. Life may become unbearable or have a feel of minor unhappiness. My experiential coaching will help you discover what may be outside of your awareness and keeping you from forward movement in your life. As each discovery is made, you will begin to transform your life!

Equine Partner

Beau is a wonderful Equine Partner!  He is a 29 years young Morgan gelding with an amazing spirit.  He is quite often direct in his work and continues to enjoy sharing his Wisdom with us Humans as we explore Life.

Equine Partner

Shoshone is a beautiful soul with an abundance of wisdom she will share when needed.  She is a 25 years young Mare Draft Cross.  Her energy can be felt from great distances as well as close up work!

The Equine Herd

Although not all horses in the herd work directly with me along with my clients, their energy and wisdom is felt and welcomed at all times!

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