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Welcome to Forward Movement Friday!My aim is to keep this short and sweet!

This week I heard a Father tell his adult Son something like this;  My job was to raise you for the world.  This statement brought the Son to tears with his Father replying, I had No Idea that this statement would be so profound.  This statement has stuck with me for a few days now, so I thought it may warrant a bit of exploration in my newsletter.  I actually saw this on an episode of House Hunters International, which I have normally thought of as a mindless guilty pleasure tv show that my husband and I watch later in the evening.  I have now been rethinking what this show actually does for me, which is quite possibly a newsletter to be written another time.

While watching this specific dialog unfold from this episode, I could feel the emotion even before the physical reaction came as the aforementioned line was spoken.  As I have been pondering this statement throughout the week, I have realized that I LOVE the thought and the possibility that children may be raised for the world.  I'm looking at this as a selfless act and how powerful this can be if we teach our children that they not only belong to their immediate family but the entire world.  My question is this; If we teach our children that they are of the world with there being a much bigger picture here, could this possibly make a large enough difference in the world as we now know it, and actually tip the scale to more LOVE rather than negativity? 

As we move through our own thoughts on how we were raised by our parents and extended families, and if you have children, how have you raised them, I wonder what will come up for you?  Were you raised to be a child of the world?  Was your childhood a loving and safe space for you to develop into a loving human being?  It is important to note that not everyone was blessed with a beautiful childhood.  With the knowledge that each of us are unique in our own experiences, thoughts and how we move through the world, I'm curious to hear your thoughts!  We at Joyful Heart Coaching Celebrate You!

Your Joyful Heart Team,


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